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While providing host of product and services to our customers we are offering custom Solutions to the particular industry which majorly includes the Call center industry, Bank DSA’s, Telecom Channel partners, Recovery Agencies etc. Our Solutions are widely being used in this industry and helping them to generate leads and grow their business.

Contact Center Solution: Our contact center solution is widely used in the call centres which are helping them to generate more leads in less time and minimum man power, our contact center solution support both inbound/outbound, Domestic and international calling.

Customer can buy our contact center solution as one-time outright purchase and limited time support or as monthly plan based solution, depending upon the customers requirement we are flexible to provide the solution to the customer in any one of the plan chosen by the customer.

We have multiple solutions under Contact Center Solutions Category and customer can select any of them as per his/her requirement.

Call Center Dialer: Center Dialer is most famous Contact Center Solution which is widely used in the Call Centres wather it’s a Domestic Call Center or International Call Center, Basically Call Center Dialer is being used to generate leads in less time by using minimum man power. Dialer are of three types Predictive, progressive, and manual Dialer. Depending upon the requirement customer can select any of them.

• Predictive Dialer: Predictive Dialer is a Contact Center Solution which dials the numbers available in the excel sheet and once the call picked up by the called party it gets connected to the available agent, which means the agents will not get call progress tones like answering machine, number busy, call waiting, switch off, ringing etc. Predictive Dialer predicts the speed of the agent to attend the call and Dials next call by predicting the speed of the agent. Althocard image of ugh there are lots of opensource Dialer are available Like ViCidial, Goautodial etc but they are having less features and hard to get the support due to which customers prefer to buy our Contact Center Solution which is being provided with 24*7 support.

• Progressive Dialer: Progressive Dialer is the contact center solution which allows the agent to listen the call progress tones like Ringing, Busy, Switch off, Call Waiting etc, due to which productivity of the agent gets decreased.

• Manual Dialer: Manual Dialer is basically a Contact Center Solution which is being used to make calls manually and agent need to dial the number of the customer manually by the X-lite or Zoiper etc and he will listen all the call progress tones too; this type of Dialer is having very less productivity.

Automatic Call Distributer: Call Distributer is inbound Contact Center solution for Call center which are majorly works on inbound calls, we deploy Automatic Call Distributer (ACD) in the call center which distributes all the inbound calls to the agents as per their selected ring strategy,So that we can ensure that no agent is getting lesser calls.

IP-PBX Solution: IP-PBX solution is basically a replacement of traditional EPBX system, our IP-PBX system is majorly used in the newly setup offices or the offices who are willing to switch to IPPBX due to its scalability and host of features. Cozy Vision IP-PBX Solution is easy to maintain, easy to install and comes with unique features like Call Recordings (Inbound/Outbound), Built in IVR, Afteroffice IVR, Blacklisting a number DND, Call waiting, Call hold, Call Forward, Blind Transfer, Call paging and intercom, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Queue, Call Hold/Transfer, Music On Hold etc. The most Amazing thing is in this solution you are not required to put extra telephone line in your office as this system can work on internet/LAN cable only. This solution is cost effective, easy to Scale, Features rich in comparison to the old traditional EPBX.

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