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What Is IP-PBX?

As we know that in any organization internal and external phone calls are very important so we have introduced Our IP-PBX solution which is a PBX system which handles the inbound/outbound and internal calls of any Organization, its cheap, affordable, and more advanced than traditional E-PBX system.

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Who can use the IP-PBX system?
Offices who are looking for telecom solution for their office to handle intercom and external calls can use the IP-PBX, as its clear from name that this PBX is based on IP so no extra wire for phone lines are required, IP-PBX system can operate on existing local Area Network.
What sets IP-PBX apart from traditional EPBX System?
Major difference between IP-PBX and EPBX is the technology used in the products IP-PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange and EPBX stands for Electronic Private Branch Exchange, so its clear from their names that IP-PBX works over IP and EPBX works on Electronic circuits, due to the technology used in IPPBX there is no need to have extra telephone wire, it can work on existing Local Area Network only.
What are the benefits of using IP-PBX?
As We know that IP-PBX works on advance technologies that is why there are many benefits of using IP-PBX over EPBX, some of them are listed below.

  • Save heavy cost of wiring for telephones : Due to the advanced technology our IP-PBX system works over Local Area network and it does not require extra wiring for telephones.
  • Enjoy advanced feature like IVR : IP-PBX is less with advanced features which are absent in traditional EPBX system like IVR, Time Conditions, Day Night Controls etc.
  • Complete call recordings : All the calls whether its inbound, Outbound or intercom calls and can be retrieved any time in case of requirement.
  • CDR : All the calls will be logged and complete call detail records will be available in the user interface with date and time so that the calls can be retrieved at the time of requirement.
  • Call Transfer : In case user wants to transfer the ongoing call to any another extension then its possible by using a shot code.
  • Call Forward : IP-PBX has a feature to forwarding calls landing to your extension to another extension or mobile .
  • Music On Hold : We can set custom Music on Hold to be played to the caller if you puts him on hold.