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Web Hosting Services

Whatever your online needs, we're sure to have the right Web Hosting Plan for you. Whether you're a personal user or blogger, a small business or multinational corporation, or a web developer or agency with a multitude of client websites, our Hosting Plans have the flexibility to support you.

Our Linux hosting platform will provide you with the very best in performance and reliability, and comes with a 99.99% guaranteed up-time giving you peace of mind. We also ensure your data is backed up on-site and off-site. Our Web Hosting servers are Linux based, meaning they are the tried and trusted choice for professionals, providing unparalleled reliability, speed and functionality.

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How Does It Work?

So, your website basically lives on a server. The server holds all of your website as files that can be sent as needed. When a visitor makes its way to your website, the server needs to actively send information to the viewer.

Say your visitor wants to see your blog. The server will send the blog to their browser screen. Once they chose a specific blog post, the server will display that post on their screen. The type of website hosting service that you need depends on the size of your following and the specifications that you need.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the least expensive type of hosting service. It is the simplest form of hosting, but it is also the least powerful. This type of website hosting consists of one server that handles multiple websites and all of their files. Shared hosting is ideal for:
Blog writers
Small to medium organizations
Small tech businesses
When websites on a shared host platform start getting a ton of traffic, it can cause unexplained lagging or downtime for the other sites on the server. When your website begins to gain more traction, the website can crash for seemingly no reason.

These shared servers are not ideal for growing your website or handling heavy website traffic. They also don’t have a completely customizable capacity.

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Most people would go for the second option. It's distinct and blunt. And anyone who sees that address will instantly know what it is for.
Getting a domain name isn't just for the aesthetic—it's purely business. It shows how much you're willing to go for your brand. It's your proof that you care, even for the tiniest details.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of hosting service. This type of website hosting is ideal for larger organizations that have a server administrator on standby. It is equipped with more power that allows you to have more freedom for your website. Because it is more powerful, it is also more complicated to manage.

With a dedicated hosting server, the website owner has direct access to the server. They are the only website on this server. This is great! However, the website owner is then responsible for upkeep and updates for the server.

How do I get my own domain name?

It's important to realize that domain registration is separate from web hosting and these two services can be provided by two different companies. A domain name can be registered with any ICANN-approved domain registrar.
iNET Business Hub offers domain name registrations and include a domain name free with specific web hosting plans.