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We had introduced Call Center Headsets & USB Voice Logger with HD voice Quality in the year of 2019 under the Brand Name Vertex Voice, our Call center headsets are available in USB, 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and RJ9 Jacks. which can be bought directly on our online store

Call Center Headsets with USB Jack: Our USB Headsets support all the computers, systems and Laptops who are having USB Port. our USB Headsets are plug and play and do not require any driver to start using it, which means you just need to plug our headset in USB port and can start using it.

Headsets with 3.5mm Jack: our 3.5mm jack headsets supports all mobile phones and computers, systems and Laptops which are having 3.5 mm Jack available.

Headsets with 2.5 mm Jack: Our Headsets with 2.5 mm Jack comes with convertible option of 3.5 mm or 2.5 mm which means you can use 2.5 mm headsets either on 3.5 mm Or 2.5 mm as it comes with the converter, our 2.5 mm Jack headsets supports all types of Computers, Systems or Laptops which are having 2.5 mm Jack available.

Headsets with RJ9 Jack: Our Headsets with R9 Jack Comes with HD Voice Quality and supports all types of IP-Phones and Analog Phones which Includes GrandStream, Fanvil, yealink, Panasonic, Sangoma, Beetel etc.

USB Analog Voice Logger: Our USB Analog Voice Logger comes with many of features with includes the call recording of Analog lines, complete inbound and outbound reports, our USB Voice loggers comes in 2,4 and 8 Channels so if you wish to record more than eight Analog lines you need to buy multiple voice loggers which can be combined to each other and can work as one device with each other.

card image of usb headsets
card image of rj9 headsets
card image of 3.5mm headsets
card image of usb voicelogger